Prenatal Classes


A natural childbirth lays the foundation of getting your body and mind ready for birth by preparing prenatally.

Prenatal classes are open to the public, but we include childbirth preparation and prenatal education classes with your maternity package.

If your heart is set on a certain childbirth method other than what our natural childbirth preparation course offers, or if you can’t fit all the classes into your schedule, you will nevertheless benefit from our prenatal education at your appointments. Why? That is what traditional midwives do!

We will help you be prepared in your pregnancy, because we are fully committed and have years of experience. Knowledge is power, and power builds confidence! Being confident and prepared helps you succeed.

We provide you with expert natural childbirth guidance as we want you to have a safe, satisfying birth experience and positive postpartum transition.

Alda Mills teaches group childbirth preparation and prenatal education classes in Tooele, Utah.

For a list of prenatal class topics and series schedule, visit our childbirth education website Synergy Baby Doula or contact us directly here.

Start your natural childbirth preparations today!

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