Childbirth Class Schedule

There are six natural childbirth preparation and prenatal education classes per series that are held once/week for 2-1/2 hours.

•Summer Series 2022: $265.00

Begins Sunday, August 21, 2022


Tooele, Utah

Registration closed 8/19/22 as class is full.

•Fall Series 2022: $265

Begins Wednesday, November 30, 2022

2:15pm – 4:45pm

Tooele, Utah

Registration currently open

•Winter Series 2022: Not available

•Winter Series 2023: TBD

Spring Series 2023: TBD

If your due date does not correlate with an open series and you need a different class start date drop us a line and we will coordinate a prenatal series that is convenient for you.

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