Holistic health care is treatment of the whole person. Emotional, physical, spiritual, social and mental aspects are all seen together.

Holistic healing through naturopathy is for everyone. Any ailment or symptom can be approached holistically and treated naturally for any gender, at any age and during any stage of life. It is for individuals and the entire family.

Optimal health can be obtained as the symptoms of diseases are treated. Care is rendered holistically, getting to the root issues throughout all underlying layers.

Our naturopathic care includes the use of herbs, homeopathy, pure therapeutic grade essential oils and energetic medicine encompassing holistic healthcare. Lab work and ultrasound imaging can be obtained for physical baseline and marked improvement.

Alda Mills is a traditional midwife, naturopath and intuitive holistic health practitioner. She can assess what herbs, pure essential oils, homeopathy and supplements your body requires to maintain holistic health during pregnancy and postpartum. As a benefit to you, these services are included with your maternity care package.

She is able to determine what the individual body needs through an intuitive practice using naturopathy, kinesiology and The Body Code. This is an individualized approach as your body knows exactly what it needs for holistic healing and what personal supplements your body wants for conception, pregnancy, postpartum and menopause.

This is not a one-size-fits all practice. Everyone is unique, therefore their own body’s requirements are too.

Make this your first step or your next one for ensuring a healthy pre-conception, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause.

Reaching and maintaining complete wellness is within your reach! Have a healthy body and mind; return to wholeness. Now is the perfect time.

Contact Haya Midwives with any questions you have, and to schedule your in person or remote initial evaluation.

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