Pregnancy and birth is a normal, physiological occurrence. It is a significant life changing, sacred event.

Compassion is vital while creating a supportive, nurturing and healing atmosphere as birth creates impacting and imprinting memories.

We want women/pregnant people to be fertile, enjoy their pregnancy and birth while having an exceptional, positive experience.

Every woman/pregnant person has the right to select their own healthcare provider and give birth with whomever and wherever they choose. Women/pregnant people should remain healthy for freedom of choice and safest outcome.

Women/pregnant people are allowed to make informed choices for their own care and for their newborn’s care.

Self-determined care is based on a woman’s/pregnant person’s own personal belief and lifestyle according to their understanding, connection and awareness of body, mind and spirit.

A traditional community midwife can be accessible to every person who wants one regardless of age, socioeconomic status, religious affiliation, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation.

We desire that you, the expectant woman/person, have a healthy pregnancy, and a peaceful journey as you navigate your birth path. We hope it is a smooth and positive transition for the entire family. May you enjoy it with grace and ease.


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