Our dedicated midwives provide individualized and specialized care in fertility, maternity, naturopathy, women’s holistic health care and wellness for all phases of life.

Alda G. Mills-Marques, AA, CBCP, DEM, is our founding director. She is an out-of-hospital community midwife, holistic health care and wellness practitioner, childbirth educator and teacher. She graduated from San Diego Mesa College with a degree in Selected Studies. Alda received her training through North American Registry of Midwives Portfolio Evaluation Process. All phases complete, exam eligible. Team midwife is Christie Bigham, BGS, CPM, LDEM, Heritage Maternity Care.

Alda comes from generations of midwives and holistic healers in her ancestral line. Knowing her lineage makes perfect sense why Alda wanted to become a “baby doctor” when she was the age of eight. Midwifery and naturopathy is in her DNA!

Life circumstances took her on a different route (but always working in healthcare), and motherhood of three path. Eventually she made it to her baby doctor (midwife) roots! Her love for supporting women and their families through birth work began in 2011 when she couldn’t deny her calling any longer.

The Aramaic word Haya (pronounced hi ya) was chosen to honor Alda’s heritage and give her practice a deeper respect. Haya means life in Hebrew. We are life midwives. Helping to bring in new life and providing holistic health care and wellness throughout all stages of life. Alda is a healing midwife. She believes birth is sacred and wants you to have a healthy pregnancy, a positive birth experience, and a smooth postpartum transition by way of skilled wise maternity care.

Alda is also a teacher and writer while constantly learning through continuing education in the field of midwifery and naturopathy. She enjoys wild-crafting, paper art-crafting, rock collecting, dancing and practicing yoga. She is a beach lover at heart, but the beauty of Utah mountains and family keep her here. She has an entrepreneurial spirit with founding her own businesses and creating a childbirth method. Alda is a member of Call the Midwife Utah.

Alda Mills

Traditional maternity care with a modern skill set is provided. Holistic care is made complete by adding individualized guidance through education and counseling according to your preferences. Health care and wellness rendered by midwives is an ancient proven practice.

Haya Midwives follow the Midwives Model of Care and Midwives Alliance of North America Statement of Values and Ethics rendering you an intuitive qualified midwife team.

Freesias are at the top of Alda’s favorite fragrant flowers. She grew them at her home garden in San Diego.
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