Our midwives are experts in the childbearing years, naturopathy, and women’s holistic health care and wellness for all phases of life.

Alda G. Mills-Marques, AA, CBCP, DEM, is the founding director of Haya Midwives. She is a certified professional midwife candidate, traditional community midwife and holistic health care and wellness practitioner. She is a San Diego Mesa College graduate; and will soon complete the family herbalist course at The School of Natural Healing.

Alda comes from generations of midwives and holistic healers in her ancestral line. Midwifery and naturopathy is in her DNA! She chose the Aramaic word Haya (pronounced hi ya) to honor her heritage and give her practice a deeper respect.

Haya means life. We are life midwives. Helping to bring in new life, and providing holistic health care and wellness throughout all stages of life.

Team midwife is Christie Bigham, BGS, CPM, LDEM, Heritage Maternity Care, West Valley City, Utah.

Alda and Christie are original members of Call The Midwife Utah, founded by Dianne Bjarnson, BA, MH, MSM, CPM, LDEM, founder of Midwives College of Utah and Sunstone Maternity.

Call The Midwife Utah Team Midwives
Left to Right: Christie, Alda, Raili, Dianne (Missing in photo is Kamie, Amy & Angela)

We provide traditional maternity care with a modern midwife practice, and holistic health care and wellness. This is made complete by adding individualized guidance through education and counseling according to your preferences.

Alda is a healing midwife, traditional naturopath and holistic health intuitive practitioner. She believes birth is sacred and makes safe practices a priority. She wants you to have a healthy pregnancy, a positive birth experience, and a smooth postpartum transition.

When you choose the healing midwife, you also benefit from the wisdom and expertise of this exceptional midwifery team, AND you get the benefits of holistic health care services.

Haya Midwives follow the Midwives Model of Care, and adhere to the Midwives Alliance of North America Statement of Values and Ethics rendering you an intuitive, highly trained, qualified midwife team.

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