Maternity Care

Haya Midwives provide comprehensive maternity care for normal pregnancies. This includes prenatal, labor and birth, postnatal and basic newborn care.

Our focus is giving women personalized, nurturing, and compassionate care.

We are here with you as you navigate every step of your pregnancy journey and birth path. We will guide you while listening to your concerns as you make informed choices. We will celebrate your triumphs with you. We will hold loving space for you.

Prenatal and postnatal appointments include standard obstetric care, and we follow newborn guidelines with individual and organic detail.

Nutrition is discussed at every appointment as it is the foundation for a healthy mother, healthy pregnancy, and healthy baby.

Staying healthy provides the safest outcome. We want to keep you safe and in our trusted care!

Simple pregnancy exercises, childbirth preparation, naturopathy and prenatal education are also included.

Our licensed midwives carry pharmaceutical medicines for emergency use only. Its use is rare, but on hand if necessary as your safety is our priority.

We want you to feel absolutely confident in your selection with us. You are supported with Haya Midwives. Let this birth be a healing one.

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