Childbirth Class Topics


∙ Natural pain relief techniques 

∙ Simple pregnancy exercises to relieve pregnancy related discomforts & to encourage baby’s optimal position 

∙ Relaxation practice; establishing a routine & why meditation and affirmations are important to support a healthy pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond

∙ The body’s power centers

∙ Labor breaths and birth breathing  

∙ Nutrition during pregnancy & postpartum 

∙ Foods that grow a healthy baby & foods that help level out postpartum hormones 

∙ Essential oils use in pregnancy and postpartum 

∙ Tips & tools for pain management that your labor support person can provide 

∙ Rebozo techniques 

∙ Packing your birth bags and postpartum supplies 

∙ Anatomy and what to expect during labor & the associated hormones

∙ Stages of labor & their accompanying physical & emotional signs  

∙ Timing contractions & when to head into the hospital or call your birth team 

∙ Complications, emergency birth & cesarean section 

∙ Positive interactions

∙ Informed consent & refusal

∙ Birth preferences vs. birth plans and creating yours  

∙ Newborn procedures & tests

∙ Newborn appearances and behaviors

∙ Breastfeeding & Skin to Skin

∙ Postpartum recovery 

∙ Terminology 

∙ The body mind connection

∙ And so much more!

Complete natural childbirth preparation and prenatal education course that teaches timeless principles with new age techniques.

Includes six classes that are comprehensive and interactive with hands on practice to prepare for a holistic labor, birth and postpartum.

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