Prenatal Class Topics

∙ Natural pain relief techniques 

∙ Simple pregnancy exercises to relieve pregnancy related discomforts & to encourage baby’s optimal position 

∙ Relaxation practice; establishing a routine & why meditation and affirmations are important to support a healthy pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond

∙ The body’s power centers

∙ Labor breaths and birth breathing  

∙ Nutrition during pregnancy & postpartum 

∙ Foods that grow a healthy baby & foods that help level out postpartum hormones 

∙ Essential oils use in pregnancy and postpartum 

∙ Tips & tools for pain management that your labor support person can provide 

∙ Rebozo techniques 

∙ Packing your birth bags and postpartum supplies 

∙ Anatomy and what to expect during labor & the associated hormones  

∙ Stages of labor & their accompanying physical & emotional signs  

∙ Timing contractions & when to head into the hospital or call your birth team 

∙ Complications, emergency birth & cesarean section 

∙ Positive Interactions 

∙ Informed consent & refusal

∙ Birth preferences vs. birth plans and creating yours  

∙ Newborn procedures & tests

∙ Newborn appearance and behaviors 

∙ Breastfeeding & Skin to Skin

∙ Postpartum recovery 

∙ Terminology 

∙ The body mind connection

∙ And so much more! 

Includes six classes that are comprehensive and interactive with hands on practice to prepare for a holistic labor, birth and postpartum.

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