Childbirth Class Content

This is a well-rounded comprehensive natural childbirth course with easy homework assignments. Every class includes, but not limited to, simple pregnancy exercising, nutrition, positive interactions and natural pain relief techniques that your labor support person can provide. Preparing you for what to expect during labor that includes the stages of labor scenarios, labor and birth breathing, basic breastfeeding and newborn care. Classes end with relaxation and/or meditation practice.

Class 1: Learn the thirteen concepts of natural childbirth. Introduction and practice of simple pregnancy exercises to relieve pregnancy related discomforts and to help baby get into the best position for an easier labor and birth. Use of rebozo and applying warmth for soothing comfort.

Class 2: Identifying fears. Physical anatomy and hormones during pregnancy and birth. Benefits of light touch, grounding and creating your mind’s safe space.

Class 3: Importance of affirmations, and having a positive mindset. Labor breathing. Early, active, and late (transition) stages of labor. Timing contractions. Hand reflexology and receiving an AromaTouch® hand massage.

Class 4:

Class 5:

Class 6:

Class 7:

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